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I'm SO excited about my "Mind Full?" live shows!  Thank you so much to everyone who bought tickets before all this covid stuff. And I'm delighted to announce I've added 4 Brand New Dates! This will be a stress-busting mix of comedy and meditation techniques, perfect for beginners or anyone who would like a bit more calm in their lives. In each show, I'll debunk the many myths around meditation and mindfulness and show how all the latest science points towards a new and exciting way to approach life. And we'll have the craic along the way!

Tickets are on sale right now! Just click the button below!


My Brand New Children's Book Out Oct 29!

Available for Pre-Order Now

I've brought my much loved radio character to life! 

Meet Noni. She’s a crazy old, law-breaking, chocolate-selling, pram-wielding, wickedly funny woman who likes nothing more than a dangerous caper!


Someone has tampered with the city’s supply of chocolate and now Noni and her young friends must find out who did it before the evil tricksters poison the whole town − including the dreamy rugby star, Chunks McSturdy.


Can Noni and her pram of seriously dodgy treats overcome the odds and get to the bottom of the mystery before all hell breaks loose? Will her pet raven, Francis, ever find enlightenment? Will anyone ever teach Noni to say the word ‘chocolate’ properly? Get ready for lots of laughs, tons of adventure and truck loads of chawwwklit!  As Heard on Today FM!

Pre-Order Now and Get Free Chocolate!

Pre-order now from the link below and get an exclusive limited edition bar of Noni's "Chawklit!" 

Got My No.1 Bestselling Book Yet?


My new book, Mind Full, went straight to the top of the book charts and became a No.1 bestseller across all genres! Thank you so much to everyone who has bought it, I'm so truly grateful. I'm so happy to be able to bring you Mind Full. It's a fun, honest, practical and accessible guide to meditation and un-wrecking your head! In it, you'll find everything you need to reconnect with that part of us that gets lost sometimes and I guarantee you'll have a few belly laughs along the way. It's available now! Just click any of the buttons below. 

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Watch My Book Launch with Niall "Bressie" Breslin!

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Great news! If you weren't able to attend my virtual book launch for my No.1 Bestselling book, Mind Full, then don't worry! It's now available to watch right here!  What a night we had. Hosted by my great friend and world-renowned podcaster, rockstar and mindfulness expert, Niall Breslin, we chatted about all things meditation and mindfulness, tips and techniques for un-wrecking your head and we had so much craic! To watch, just click play below! 

Join Me on Spotify!

I'm so happy to have been given the reins on Bressie's world famous Wake Up Wind Down Podcast! We did some different powerful techniques for a happier, calmer week and set you up for some extra special sleep! Listen back any time to our weeks together - Just search Monday April 12 to Sunday April 18 and Monday September 27 to Sunday October 3rd on Niall Breslin's Wake Up Wind Down Podcast on Spotify or click the button below.


You don't have to have a paid Spotify account, just follow the link and enjoy! 


Join Me Every Sunday for a Powerful Group Meditation!

Sunday Sessions!


I've been so enjoying our weekend meditations on Instagram Live! It started a few months back when we did one for sending powerful healing wishes to Vicky Phelan. The sense of community was so great, I've kept them going! If you missed them, catch them on my Insta Live by clicking the link below.


They're perfect for beginners and I explain what we're doing and why each component works. And join me next Sunday morning at 11am for another one 🙏😀

Learn to Meditate

I think this is a perfect time to lean into a meditation practice and get the ball rolling. There is a lot of stress and anxiety around and I'd love to help you find some more peace if you feel you need it. I've just added a new Family Meditation to my Start Meditating page! It's perfect for you and the kids to snuggle up and chill out together. And it'll keep them occupied for a whole 20 minutes! And possibly send them to sleep - bonus!


 If you missed my free 14 Day Introduction to Meditation Video Series, you can find it on my Youtube or my Instagram. Hit the subscribe button at the bottom of this page if you wanna be kept informed of any new stuff.

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From short seminars to intensive programmes, you can choose the approach that best suits your organisation.  


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About Dermot

So, here's the story...

I’ve been standing on comedy stages and talking to millions of people on the radio for 16 years. Over that time I’ve come to realise that a lot of our problems stem from taking ourselves and our lives too seriously.  


How about a solution to life's challenges that can make you less anxious, more creative and so much happier?  No, it's not beer - it's meditation! 


Why should this amazing tool be taught in a serious and stuffy manner? As a certified meditation teacher, it’s my mission to get you started meditating and to give you a practice that actually sticks.  And, as a comedian, I insist we have some craic along the way! 


Want to know how and why I became a meditation teacher? 

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