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Dermot Whelan
Media and Meditation Expert

10 years ago, I was struggling. On the outside, everything looked fantastic. I had my own TV show, a hit radio show and my stand-up comedy career was taking off. On the inside, it was very different!


I was anxious, stressed, not sleeping properly and lacking in self esteem and self belief. The only coping mechanism I had been taught to handle stress was alcohol so I was tucking into the pints to find comfort but that wasn’t really working. One panic attack and a drunken fall later, I knew something had to change.


I had heard about meditation and decided to give it a shot.

I never looked back.

It has given me so many benefits.

I feel so much calmer, more creative, more optimistic and I sleep better.


But, most of all, I know what to do when stress and anxiety appear. Because there will always be moments and periods of heightened stress in our lives but it’s how we approach them that gives us resilience and confidence. After seeing the great benefit meditation had on my life, I decided that I wanted to learn more and become a teacher. I traveled to California and trained under one of the world’s  leading experts in stress management and meditation, davidji. Now, as a certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, I can’t wait to bring you the tools I’ve learned to help you find more joy and peace in your life.          


If you’re still not sure if it’s for you, my advice is to give it a lash. You’ve nothing to lose and, at the very least, you’ll get some peace and quiet for a few minutes. At best, you’ll feel happier, calmer and so much more ready for all those exciting challenges coming your way. And, hey, if a half mad Limerick stand-up comedian can do it, anyone can! 


When I'm not on a meditation cushion, you probably know me as a Radio & TV Broadcaster,  Comedian, Public Speaker and Voiceover Artist.

  • One half of the award-winning Dermot and Dave Show on Today FM, Ireland’s leading national radio station​

  • Winner at New York Festival Awards for The Booze Chronicles podcast​

  • Winner of 15 IMRO National Radio Awards including Best Music Presenter and Best Music Programme

  • Event host for Heineken, Audi and An Post to Failte Ireland, Eir, 7UP, Ford 

  • Creator of the Toll Trolls, with 3 top ten albums and went double platinum

Also appeared on BBC’s One Night Stand Up, Dave’s One Night Stand Up and RTE’s Liffey Laughs.

There’s proof on Youtube.

 * Corporate Meditation
 * Public Speaking
* Event Host 
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E :

 T : (+353) (1) 427 8400

"Excellent. Lighthearted and informative and it really catered to the audience."


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