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Decrease Stress. 

Increase Productivity.

91% believe meditation positively adds to the culture.

88% would recommend it to a colleague.

66% experience less stress or are better able to manage stress.


Source: Blackrock NY 2013 study

It's simple!  Science has proven that meditation is the number one tool for combating stress and for returning your life to a feeling of balance. It leads to better decision making, improved relationships and more resilience. In a company, it is proven to foster harmony between employees and create a happier and more productive work environment. I love working with companies, virtually and in person, to open the door to a different way of thinking and sharing effective stress-busting tools that employees can use in and out of the workplace. Most importantly, I want people to enjoy the experience and have fun so that the methods I share can really work for them.


Whether you’re looking for a short introduction to mindfulness meditation and stress management or a more intense empowering wellness programme for your company, I can’t wait to use my skills as a Certified Meditation Teacher with nearly 20 years in the entertainment and media business to set you and your staff on the path to a more peaceful and confident approach to life and work. 


  • Spark creativity in your organization

  • Create higher efficiency

  • Reduce workplace absence

  • Develop an energetic team environment

  • Inspire better decision making

  • Foster improved relationships

  • Witness more effective communication

  • Enjoy a happier workplace


Sample Seminars and Courses:

  • Stress and How Meditation Can Help You Overcome It

  • Introduction to Meditation for Newbies

  • More Resilience Better Results

  • Good Stress and Bad Stress and How to Know the Difference

  • Burnout and How to Avoid It

  • Meditation for Creativity

  • How to be a Better Communicator

  • Perform Better and Feel Better at Work

"Excellent. Lighthearted and informative and it really catered to the audience."



"I organised a charity event in my workplace for A Lust for Life, the mental health charity. We booked Dermot for a mindfulness and meditation talk and demonstration with the employees. I was impressed with his professionalism beforehand but was blown away by his delivery of the session, his knowledge of the subject impressive but it was his delivery of that knowledge to varying levels of understanding that stood out. 100+ people all took part in the workshop, his ability to impart basic techniques in an engaging and funny way was complimented by many of the employees, I would highly recommend Dermot."


"We at Northern Trust would highly recommend Dermot Whelan for a mindfulness and meditation workshop in the workplace. Dermot shared his personal story with us at a recent onsite wellbeing event in partnership with PepTalk. Dermot was very open and honest  in his story share explaining how he was introduced to the area of mindfulness and meditation and how it has helped him with his demanding work schedule. Dermot now factors mindfulness into his daily life. He took us through some great facts in this workshop and showed us how to practice a short daily meditation which was so easy to do. We all left the workshop in a more relaxed manner. Dermot has a lovely personality and added in some great comic relief to this event. We took a lot from this from workshop and it was refreshing to see how much Dermot wanted to give back and help others on this topic. We wish Dermot continued success."


"Dermot was a roaring success with our group of Café Managers yesterday.  He was so on-point with the way he spoke about the impact of stress and the benefits of meditation and the message really resonated with so many in the room.  He was funny and humble and an expert on the topic – honestly it was the highlight of the day for us all."


 “We invited Dermot to share his experience and teachings on meditation and mindfulness with our whole team.  Dermot was knowledgeable, engaging, funny and got everyone interested and involved.  He explained meditation and mindfulness practices in a way that resonated with us and was simple to understand.  It can be easy to get caught up in the working day and think that we don’t have time for ourselves.  But Dermot’s explanation and approach made it clear that meditation is something that we can do anywhere and can be as short or as long as we make it.


Since April, we have introduced a 30 second breathing pause at the start of some of our meetings.  Some people have taken up meditation or used it more often than they did.  Mental health is so important, and we have a responsibility to our employees to create a positive and supportive working environment.  Dermot’s talk has helped us to do that in our business and I would highly recommend Dermot to any company looking to do the same.”


Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher

Dermot is a certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, training in California with one of the world’s leading experts in corporate stress management and meditation practice.

Dermot has been a practicing meditator for over 10 years and has joined forces with mental health advocates such as A Lust For Life, and annual youth conference, Zeminar.

Interested in having Dermot work with your organization?
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